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Although I haven’t had someone close to me commit suicide I have seen the devastating effects it has on families. Growing up in a small country town, I was all too aware of many young people who ended their lives.

Suicide is the biggest killer of Australians aged 15 to 44 years (ABS 2013)

After losing his father to suicide Gavin Larkin wanted to create a world where suicide didn’t exist.

Ambitious? Absolutely. Optimistic?  Definitely. Inspirational? I think so.

He created a movement called #ruokday in 2009 with a vision and passion for getting people to reconnect with others and to perhaps prevent someone from committing suicide like his father did.

Gavin died in 2011 from cancer at age 42. His one dream was to see this vision of #ruokday a reality. Now in 2013 R U OK Day is bigger than ever. It has a huge social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. The Twitter page has over 10.000 followers. Its website has a wealth of resources and information. The movement has many sponsors and celebrities on board.

It’s all about having “regular, meaningful conversations”. Too often we get so swept up with work, family and life and we may not notice that someone is struggling. Today is to make a point of talking to that person. Today is also about making every day an R U OK Day. Just a phone call could make a huge difference in someone’s life. What a great example of Socially Good Media.

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