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The Garage Sale Trail


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As a long time op shopper, the idea of having lots of garage sales to visit in the one area on the one day thrills me just a little.

Long before eBay existed, garage sales were an Aussie institution. People have been selling their unwanted junk to bargain hunters on Saturday mornings for as long as I can remember. My Dad was an obsessive collector of old records and we would often ‘just have a look’ at a garage sale we happened to pass. 15 minutes later the car would be weighed down with his latest purchase of several extremely heavy 78 records generally placed on the back seat of our old Austin Kimberley between me and my sister. Often the boot was too full of whatever Mum had found at the same garage sale.

To Dad, these records were priceless. To the seller, probably just something that took up space.

The Garage Sale Trail was started in Bondi Beach in 2010 and was a huge success. Lots of people having garage sales on the same day. It has since been rolled out nationally with several council partners participating across three states. They have jumped on the Social Media bandwagon with a great looking website, and are across several Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

This year the Garage Sale Trail is on 26th October. You can register your interest via the website if you want to sell and also check out the interactive map if you want to buy.

In a world where so many of us are all consumed with having the latest igadget, or the latest pair of ridiculously gravity defying shoes, this campaign is all about sustainability and creating positive social change.

Socially Good Media? Absolutely.

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