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Destroy the Joint


As I work for a Women’s Health Organisation, I tend to be across all things that transpire within the feminist newsworld.

One such story, was that of a group of women who set out to ‘Destroy the Joint’.

Alan Jones is a well known Australian radio ‘shock jock’ who made some comments in 2012 that referred to several high profile women and the fact that they were in fact ‘destroying the joint’.

Jane Caro, a well known social commentator and writer created the Twitter hashtag #destroythejoint and a social media movement was born. A Facebook page was started, then a website and soon a dedicated following of both women and men ensued.

Since it’s creation, the Destroy the Joint community has brought attention to sexism in the mainstream media and attempts to make the media accountable for its reporting habits.
It has had its share of detractors and online trolls with some questioning the groups intentions, but its popularity continues to grow.

The Facebook group currently has over 34,000 likers and the @JointDestroyer Twitter account has over 8000 followers. The group posts new questions to its followers, (known as destroyers) and asks for comment. Generally a fairly robust online debate/commentary ensues.

Whatever your opinion of the Destroy the Joint movement, it certainly has brought feminism out of the seventies and thrown it bras and all to the forefront of the Australian media landscape, through the clever use of Social Media.

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