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My daughter has a rare chronic medical condition. It’s something we have learned to live with over the years. She takes daily medication, has blood tests every three months and sees doctors regularly. When she gets sick it sometimes ends up with a hospital visit.  Her condition, although life threatening is manageable and we don’t ever try to wrap her up in cotton wool. I think having a child with a rare condition has made me far more aware of other conditions and those families that manage their daily lives around illness, medication and doctors visits.

One organisation I have recently come across is TinySuperheroes. An organisation set up by a Mum, Robyn Rosenburger with a passion for kids who are living with serious illnesses or rare medical conditions. She began to sew superhero capes for these kids and a socially good movement was born. She posts their stories to her website and uses Facebook and Twitter to also engage with people around the world to help with some of the financial costs of providing the capes.

Having a child with a chronic illness or condition can be debilitating to a family’s core structure. Highlighting the condition and turning these kids into super heroes can provide a positive light for these families as well as providing awareness in the community of rare diseases and conditions.

Social Media for Social Good? I think so!

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