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Love Your Sister


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In the early ‘noughties’ I was a huge fan of the television show Secret Life of Us. One of the stars of the show was an actor called Samuel Johnson. I always remember him as being a brilliant actor, a little off beat and hilariously funny.

He recently came back into the spotlight for what I consider to be an amazing yet heartbreaking cause. His sister Connie is dying from breast cancer. She’s 35 and has a husband and two young children. Samuel wanted to do something to raise awareness of this insidious disease and raise some money at the same time. One million dollars actually. The way he decided to raise awareness was to ride around Australia on a unicycle. Madness some would say?

The campaign behind this journey uses social media brilliantly. They have integrated a website with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr. All wrapped into one carefully executed marketing package. It’s visually appealing with a bright pink and black theme. It uses humour at every opportunity, which must be hard at times considering the subject matter. It’s well executed and engages with the public on so many levels.

The Love Your Sister team have done plenty of press along the journey including The Project and the Today Show.

I admire Samuel’s spirit and positive attitude on this journey he is taking. I hope he reaches his goal and I hope we can eventually find a cure for cancer.

If you want to donate, you can do so here.

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