Digital Communications


I have decided to start using this blog as a point of contact for my digital communications business, Shoare Communications: Socially Good Media.

For the past few years I have been managing several not for profit social media accounts and am now moving into small business social media content.

In the past year I have started managing the ShadeFX account for a few hours a week in order to maintain their community profile. I have had to learn a lot about the business, which is a lot different to Women’s Health which has been my core focus in the past.

I manage the Gippsland Women’s Health Facebook and Twitter accounts for 5 years on a part time basis. A few years ago I spoke at the Australian Women’s Health Conference on Social Media Raising the Profile of Women’s Health.

Last year I was asked to start creating an online profile for the Australian Women’s Health Network. I have set up Facebook and Twitter accounts to boost the profile of the organisation.

I’m still a strong believer in the power of social media both in the non profit sector and for business.

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