The Melbourne Period Project

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I feel very lucky to know some simply amazing people. Amazing people who don’t just talk about doing things, but actually get out there and get things done. The non procrastinators of the world that don’t wait for anyone.

None more amazing than one of the the wonderful women behind the Melbourne Period Project.

This grass roots charity started as a result of this article.

It’s not something we think about. It’s not something we even like to think about.

But what do women do when they have their periods and they also happen to be homeless? Could you even imagine the shame and humiliation?

It really is heartbreaking to think about. In a very short time frame, the Melbourne Period Project has managed to build a huge following on social media and collect thousands of sanitary items and distribute them to women in need.

The group has also collaborated with several other grass roots homeless focused charities in Melbourne to provide basic necessities. They have managed to obtain products from Libra and Bonds to name a few of the generous companies that are supportive of the cause.

You can check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages here. This is truly socially good media doing great things.

Please consider a donation here.

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