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As the mother of two young daughters, I am constantly being bombarded with masses of pink. Pink clothes, pink toys, pink everything. My youngest daughter is what you would call a typical ‘girly’ girl and is at her happiest when surrounded by pink, frills and fairies. My oldest daughter is not. She loves lego, books, fishing and Minecraft. And I love that we are nurturing two individual girls with individual tastes. We don’t try to change the oldest one into becoming more ‘girly’, we embrace it with what she likes and run with it. I often get frustrated when the toys that my eldest daughter loves are sometimes referred to as ‘boys toys’. What is wrong with girls loving lego and minecraft? Nothing at all.

I came across this website Princess Free Zone when I was surfing around the internet a few years ago. Since then it has grown in popularity to become an online business for its creator, Michelle Yulo. This socially conscious brand was created when Michele’s own daughter refused to wear dresses from the age of three and much preferred to be in the tool shed with her Dad. Michele has written books with a female all conquering character called Super Tool Lula and sells them along with other ‘Princess Free Zone’ merchandise through the website.  Princess Free Zone also uses Facebook and Twitter to share their message of “Come as You Are’.

I love how she challenges the stereotypes of what the marketers think our kids should be like. I wish her every success.

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